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It’s All The Cat’s Fault

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Bedroom
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So her name is Judas the cat and she’s two years old and she’s hyperactive and the reason we have to keep our windows closed all the time. And that’s why we have to install new windows with secure locks so there’s no chance of her flinging herself into oblivion.

OK that’s just an excuse and the real reason we changed the windows was to match the rest of the white windows in the house. Vanity *ahem* Consistency rules…

No idea why the developer installed black windows out front and white windows everywhere else, what were they thinking?

Old windows and frames ripped out here.

New window frame ready to be installed. Since we were replacing everything we took the opportunity to clean up the lines, choosing windows which extended to the top of the frames.

By contrast, the older windows were shorter, with a row of top-hinged glass panels above the windows.

View of the balcony with no barriers. Quite nice actually, and had we no cat, this might have been a decent option.

We’re right next to a viaduct, so one other thing we did was opt for double glazing. A little pricey, but it did help significantly with the noise reduction.

Inside view with the window installation complete. The new window panes look huge. At the top left corner there is a circular cut out. This is for the exhaust fan, which we’re installing to keep out the musty smells. Very necessary as the balcony is where the cat’s litter box is going to be kept.

Frame for the bifold door installed. The actual bifold door isn’t going to be up a long time.