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Welcome To The Future

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Stuff

An early birthday present for Stiletto, from her folks. This is going to team up with the sentient door lock from before. One will refuse us exit, while the other renders death by suction. Beware the tin men I say…

We hooked it up immediately (who could have resisted!) and it does a surprisingly decent job. It’s not too good at spot correction, but let it have full run of the house and it will wander about seemingly randomly and keep dust at bay.

Occasionally it get trapped in the shower stall if we forget to close the door, but besides that it navigates fine.

This is a US set running on 110v, so you can see the step down tranny we’ve had to use. I contacted the local distributor asking if they would sell me a 240v power adaptor. Their reply? $180 for buyers of their local vacuums (which cost double that of the US ones), and for me, I would have to pay $360. Now I’m all for supporting brick and mortar businesses, but that is way overpriced by anyone’s books. And we haven’t even considered the low exchange rate!


Domestic God(dess)

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Stuff

You know you’re lao puay when vacuum cleaners get you all excited. The pretext: A good workman needs good tools. The plan: Get a bitchin’ vac. The shortlist: Miele, Karcher, Dyson, in that order.

Miele gets rave reviews on Amazon, its fan following almost a religion of sorts.

Karchers have that nice tough-as-nails industrial feel to them, and cute yellow styling. There is however, not a lot of user feedback online.

Dyson takes the cake for sci-fi looks, as though a sentinel from the matrix decided it had enough of trawling Zion and embarked upon a new career in sanitary control.

We went with the Miele in the end. Pretty well thought out in terms of design, a bunch of accessories and attachments available should you ever decide you need more than the five or so vacuum heads that are provided, and an all-round proven track record. I also like that it uses dust bags (as opposed to the Dyson) as billowing clouds of dust every time the vacuum has to be emptied is not something we want to see.

The only issue with Miele is its confusing product line. If anyone is wondering, in a nutshell, the main differences between the series 4 and the series 5 are marginally more suction power, cord length and dust bag volume in the series 5, and the ability to store the three basic heads within the body of the vacuum.