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So what do grey cotton sheets and the evil Empire’s giant mechanical beasts have in common? Well, nothing besides the fact that we bought them both today…

Gorgeous grey cotton pillow cases in a T-shirt material. Sorry, no 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets here. We’re not so high class. Anyway I prefer the feel of grubby cotton PJs.

The general colour palette is grey and olive drab, but we’re softening it up with organic textures. We also managed to find the puffiest duvet we could find (side note: I had no idea feathers cost that much!), so that’s going to contribute to the comfy, cloud-like vibe.

And here’s the mother of all AT-ATs. IMHO all guys should have at least one, if not ten of these. I’d been eyeing this for the last 3-4 months, but held back due to the high price. Saw it by chance at OG on discount, and wasted no time in swiping one. This is going to look awesome wherever we place it. A Star Wars toy the size of a dog…how can you beat that???