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Daytime Views

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Bathroom
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Saturday. Dragged ourselves out of bed while there was still light. Documenting the renovation is giving us sleep discipline…

Silly me. I thought they ran out of tiles. Seems this is done so they can check for leaks and stuff.

The area above the water outlets is going to be covered by a full length/width mirror.

Have scrapped plans to put a mirror on the centre column of tiles, as that would break the flow of that entire wall.

The floor tiles are done as well. The round green thing at the top of the photo is the concealed mixer, already embedded in the wall. Below that is the outlet for the hand-held shower.

You can see the shower area is not exactly flat (look at where the floor tiles join the wall tiles). I suppose this is necessary for drainage.

Our ledge. This was a shelf the day before, and cause for some panic in the ranks. After a few frantic phone calls and one hasty sketch done over dinner (visible here, pasted to the wall), we arrived the very next day to see that it had magically morphed into the ledge of our dreams. Two thumbs up for quick rectification.

If anyone is wondering why the ledge is at the back instead of the front, two reasons. Firstly, so that the bath products stay drier, and secondly, so that the initial view into the bathroom is kept clean.

This image just cracks me up. I find it hilarious how white gloves were provided with the shower head. If memory serves me right, this is 300mm in diameter. Stiletto was gutted because we couldn’t get the 350mm head due to water pressure issues, but now that we’ve seen this in the flesh, there’s no way the larger shower head would have worked.


Bathroom Part Deux

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Bathroom
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Dropped by for a quick visit after dinner. There are no lights now, so even though the bathroom wall tiles are all done, we’ll only be posting after we get some better daylight shots during the weekend.

Piping for the rain shower is done.

They’ve smoothened the bathroom floor in preparation for the tiles. If you squint, you can just about make out the drop on the right hand side. A lot cleaner than a kerb, and one less thing for me to trip on. The shower area has also been widened by a couple of inches.