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Beginning Of Masonry Work

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Main
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The masonry boys descended like a swarm of bees and made quick work of the gutted house. By the end of the day, the kitchen walls were as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and then some.

PVC corner beads were used to straighten all edges. I’m a sucker for those. In an old house, I think using them helps to make the house look significantly newer.

Hacked doorway being re-constructed to its actual 4.5ft size by means of hollow blocks. In this photo you can see it’s still missing the load bearing lintel that’s supposed to span across the two sides.

Lintel for the doorway being made.

And as an added weekend bonus, we enter the bedroom to find that the tiler has started laying the bathroom tiles.

Only one section complete, but I think it already gives a good indication of how things are going to look. We’re going to use black or grey grouting to highlight the tile lines, so its going to be a slow, laborious process for the tiler, in order to get the lines as straight as possible.

At the other end of the bathroom, the pipes have been buried deep under a layer of concrete. The vertical channel running up the wall is for the rain shower piping.


Welcome To The War Zone…

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Bathroom, Kitchen
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Today we cross into serious, no turning back territory. The key word here is rubble, and lots of it.

Kitchen floor tiles almost all out. The new cabinets will be suspended, so the existing cabinet base will have to be hacked out too.

The bathroom is now a graveyard of floor and wall tiles. Most people would find this the messiest stage of home renovations, but the old toilet tiles grossed us out so much we’re more than happy to bid them goodbye.

Interestingly, hacking the tiles has introduced a funky chemical smell into the house. Crossing fingers that it will go away with time.

The pile of old laminate planks have been removed, and in its place, the new bathroom tiles. We’re going with a 15 x 60 cm rectangular tile for both the floor and walls. We found this at Soon Bee Huat for under $3, and while not perfect, it’s a good approximation of the original $8 tile we first fell in love with at Rice Fields.