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Curtain Call

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Bedroom
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MGL Curtain came down today to install our wardrobe “doors”. They had some initial problems getting the curtain track up to our floor as it was a single five metre length and wouldn’t fit in both the lift and the stairwell. Eventually we had to dangle rope down the building’s facade and haul it up from the bedroom window.

String guide to make sure the holes to be drilled are all aligned. On the right you’ll see the IKEA pole system mount which I modified to fit.

The installer’s sexy beast of a rotary hammer. This has a dust extraction attachment so the dust from the drilling gets vacuumed up as it is created. When I saw this I felt like half a man with my T-loaned Black & Decker toy. The Bosch is now on my “to buy” list.

The track goes up. This is an S-track, which creates a nice wave in the fabric quite like the effect of using eyelets. Why not use eyelets then?

1) hangs lower, so there will be a gap from the ceiling to the top of the curtain. This, being wardrobe doors, would be an issue.

2) curtain rod do not come in such a long length. We’d have to split it into two or more rods/curtains, and that’s not the look we wanted.

3) sliding action not as smooth as an S-track. Think shower curtain and you more or less have the feel of using eyelets.

Fabric goes up. We went for a latte coloured, linen-like fabric, and added an off-white lining to make it less sheer. We also specified that it skims the floor.

And we are done!

The curtain turned out perfect. It adds a certain texture and softness to the room without overpowering it. And because it is floor to ceiling, it somehow enhances the sense of vertical space.

So another hearty recommendation for May and her team at MGL Curtain. We didn’t spend much (it being a simple job) but it felt like we had first class service. MGL has a pretty good reputation on the local forums, and after you pay them a visit, its pretty obvious why…