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Thanks to Sonny Boy. I mentioned this in passing, and there was no response on his end, so I assumed he missed my email. But he turns up from Cali with this in tow, despite his busy schedule and the legion of lady friends he has to keep happy. And now, we can tell the world (and our neighbours), how we truly feel.


And on the other end of the door, what ever pimping abode should have, a brick of that yellow stuff. This doesn’t really match anything else in the house, but it was so tacky we just had to own it.

Also delivered today, the seating for the other end of the dining table. We didn’t plan for this to match the classroom chairs but as luck would have it, they are both oak. The bench stirs up memories of the canteen tuck shop (if you’re old enough), remember noodles for 30 cents?