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Yellow = Good, White = Bad

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Bedroom
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As above…Stiletto’s house rules. Surprisingly, these energy saving bulbs from Megaman cast a really warm glow. We weren’t expecting this. To my eyes, it’s almost as warm as halogen lighting.

The only trade of is that they’re a little dimmer than the usual cool white energy saving bulbs, but since this is a bedroom, it actually works in our favour.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the bulb might be a bit too big for the smaller lamp shade. If you look at the first photo above, you’ll see how the smaller lamp shade looks like a red hot poker. Once this bulb blows, it might be interesting to try something smaller. Megaman actually has a 3 step dimmable energy saving bulb which is a direct screw in replacement, perhaps we’ll try that instead.


Dr Frankenstein: It Lives! It Lives!

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Main

So, this is in.

And these are wired up.

Which finally allows these to work, and us to come by at night comfortably.

You’ll notice some hacking at the pendant bases. I’ve no idea why, but it’s probably because I asked for the right pendant to be raised slightly as it was lower than the left one. Now its slightly too high. Doh!

Track lights cast a surprisingly yellow light for LEDs, which is nice. We’ll need to play around with positioning to get a good combination of ambiance and actual useful light.

They dropped the warped track slightly to overcome the unevenness in certain points of the ceiling. No more warping now, but there’s a slight gap which will need to be concealed somehow.

LEDs for the toilet too. We positioned them like that so that they’d be framed by the doorway. Would have been more practical to position them apart, one for the sink/wc and the other for the shower area, but we’re vain and looks count for everything…

Shower stall glass can be seen as well. This was in some time ago, but I forgot to take a photo.

The bird cage, which casts an interesting shadow onto the balcony ceiling. We went with an incandescent bulb here to get that nice warm glow. Sorry tree huggers, we’ll make up by using less plastic bags and eating less tuna!

Exhaust fan is up. Somethings definitely got to be done about that wire. I’m thinking a different ceiling rose, maybe one with a side exit, and then some 3M cable management stuff to run the wire neatly.

After dinner downstairs we stepped out to the front to see how it looks. We must have looked like a pair of stalkers, with the pictures we were taking and all the peering we were doing.

Hanging Loose

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Bedroom
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The rest of the lights fared better. So the lesson learnt here today is to pick round things with as few lines as possible if your installer has problems with his eyes.

Bird cage lamp for the balcony, which seems to be a favourite amongst the uncles working on the house. More than one has commented on it.

Bamboo/rattan pendants from IKEA. We got both the larger and smaller sizes. The larger one is going above the bed.

Some time was spend deciding the height each light should suspend at. In the end we went with a similar length of cord from the top, which means the larger one hangs somewhat lower. Having the two lamps hang at different heights feels more natural somehow.

Front foyer area finally screeded over. I can’t wait till the grey epoxy goes on and we get a seamless transition from outside to inside.

Ok…so we’re being a little melodramatic with the title of the post. There was a lot to be happy about today, with some significant things accomplished. But some of the end results left a lot to be desired, and made us wonder if we were the fussy ones, or if the standard of sub contractors in SG was simply just low.

Moving along with the photos…

Remember the Shera light from this post? It’s been replaced by this outdoor cage light. It looks a little crooked in this photo, but has since been somewhat straightened by the electrician after some nagging.

While we’re still at the entrance, here’s the nice straight wall the masonry guys built up, but the painters ruined with some over-generous last minute plastering. The once flat wall was quite literally bulging with plaster, and had to be hacked up again in order for the light switches to sit flush.

The intercom handset has finally been moved. This was a seemingly simple request (move handset 5 feet to the left) which has dragged out for the longest time. Contractor seeks MCST approval. MCST takes a few weeks, reverts and points us to original installer of intercom. Installer deflects our request to distributor of the intercom, who after some back and forth correspondence with contractor, eventually caves in and comes down. On top of fees to hack and move the point, we’re going to have to pay for “testing” of “systems”…

Having said that, it was worth the hassle. Shifting the intercom handset was the final piece of the puzzle in making that wall clean (we also relocated a light switch and buried the doorbell). At its new position, the intercom handset will be hidden from view behind the fridge.

The kitchen pendant lamps. These are getting quite common, I’ve seen them being used in quite a few of the houses featured in Home & Decor. They’re actually test lamps used by mechanics, and you can get them for as low as $11-$12 at the hardware shops around the Jalan Besar area. The electrician managed to mount the right-most lamp slightly lower than the left one, so that’s another thing which we’ll need to rectify soon.

Behind and to the right of the kitchen pendants is fresh cement. These are the final patches of wall which needed to be “made good”.

The track lighting for the living room. Turned out nicer than we expected, but unfortunately, needs rectification too. Seems our ceiling is not entirely level, so one of the tracks is unable to sit properly without warping. In the photos, you can see how the track nearest the kitchen has a kink near the middle.

Our original concern was that the tracks laid out this way would be too imposing (which is why we chose not to suspend the frame the way we originally intended). Curiously, the black tracks on a white ceiling seems to provide an optical illusion of a higher ceiling, so we’re really glad for that. It feels like looking at the underside of some space craft when you look up at the tracks, if that makes any sense at all.

Close up of the warped track with the kink in the middle. We’re looking at the possibility of hacking slightly under the track to balance things out. Another alternative might be a spacer or something that would let the track hang slightly. Done that way, minor adjustments could be made to make up for the unevenness in the ceiling.

Toilet Troubles…

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Bathroom
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Toilet bowl is finally in.

Toilet bowl’s straight lines complement the horizontal tile lines.
Double Yaaaay…

Bathroom doorway nicely frames the rectangular reservoir tank of said toilet bowl.
Triple Yaaaay…

Shower head is up and man does it look nice and shiny.
Quadruple Yaaaay…

The cheering ends here though. This photo might look innocent enough, but the plumbers have actually had some issues aligning the shower mixer and the shower hose outlet properly, and when we found that out, we had them hack out the tiles to realign everything.

The shower hose outlet was too much to the right before. Now, after rectification, I’m kind of worried because it looks too much to the left. I’ll reserve judgement till the mixer handle and the outlet cover are reinstalled…

These, I’m quite bummed about. I was really hoping we could get them correctly positioned the first time round, but as I expected, the electrician was slightly off.

We specified that the two downlights be placed as close as possible, so in his defense it was probably not the easiest thing to pull off; with the lights right next to each other, any misalignment would be immediately obvious.

Here’s a close up. I added in the red box in MS Paint to show roughly how misaligned it is. If it’s any consolation, this looks like something a little plaster and paint could make good, but still, one more to add to the fault list.

Lighting and more misalignment continues in the next post…sigh…

Winners Of the Hideous Light Contest…

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Main

And they’re all from our house. What’s worrying is that we’ve since done the Balestier/Geylang/Jalan Besar lighting tour, and stuff like this still exists in abundance.

In third place, this jellyfish-tulip mash up which we found in the bedroom. This kinda looks like a bio-mechanical spaceship powered by the jellyfishes’ brain waves.

Coming in a close second is the bee hive trio. The only thing worse than this is the fact that they come in a matching pair, casting a warm caring bee-glow throughout the living room.

But there can only be One, and I’ve saved the best for the last. I give you…Shera’s light. Or it could be Ariel’s, I can’t be sure. This is so tacky I’ve almost started to like it, who knows, it might actual stay. Love the iridescent sheen the shell has.