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The Longest Day

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Stuff
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Boy oh boy…did I know it would take me three days to get everything sorted out? No, but even if I did, I would have done it all the same. An aching back and numb thumbs (I literally felt like I had no fingerprints!) are nothing compared to the assurance that your flat-packed furniture has been assembled properly. As it is, IKEA furniture isn’t the most solidly built, so the very least we could do was to make sure it was put together with some TLC…

So the final tally:

1 x sofa
3 x chest of drawers
1 x dining table
1 x computer desk
1 x bed
1 x computer storage (cat’s outhouse and perch)
5m worth of pole system wardrobe

To make things more interesting, I used only an electric screwdriver (thanks for the loan Mr Wong), a three dollar hammer from NTUC and the crummy tools provided in the packaging. OK that isn’t exactly Man Vs Wild but…