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Stick A Fork In It, It’s Done

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Main

The corrugated sheet on the floor has been removed, the premises washed throughly, and the place is now ours. Contractor probably doesn’t want to see us again for the next twenty years, and the feeling is mutual, heh.

Photo credit due to Le Wanker and his trusty wide angle, they took the nicer shots in this series.

Yellow main door. The black paint makes the door colour really pop, and complements the black lockset too.

Kitchen view with the main door open.

Cooking area. We love how this looks like a toy.

Washing area. A rather uninspired choice of kitchen faucet I might add, but we weren’t mentally ready to plonk down two grand on the sexy KWC we saw at Kitchen Culture.

The living room, which looks stark grey right now. Not for long though.

Bedroom. You can see how bad the flooring is from this picture. Some of it will be covered by the wardrobe, the bed and a carpet, but lesson learnt here. If you want it smooth, it’s probably better to redo the flooring. Also, hire the epoxy flooring experts.

The wardrobe. Still a long way to go before it starts looking like one, but at least that’s within our control now.

Closer look at my plastic tree stump, which I insisted on buying. Thanks to Stiletto for not objecting, despite holding the opinion that it belongs more in a void deck senior citizens corner…

Faucet unwrapped. We decided to adjust the handles to be “x”s rather than “+”s.

And finally, the toilet roll holder. We got this from a different shop than the towel rack, but we tried to find one which matched the straight lines somewhat.