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I Spy With My Little Eye(s)

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Living room
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Inspired by the palace door eye droid in Jabba’s pad, 4-Lom and a whole bunch of spiders, I decided that the entrance to our home had to have a similarly imposing ocular look. The cheapest way to achieve this? Multiple peepholes. Thankfully Stiletto had no objections.

We started with marking out the peephole locations, trying not to be too rigid with the placement.

Contractor obliged and helped us to drill the holes in the door.

Peep holes not installed in yet, they’ll go in after the door has been painted. With the lights on at night, it sure looks like we live in a bullet ridden ghetto…


***Access Denied***

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Living room
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Every kid wants cool gadgets growing up, Stiletto and I included. Who in our generation has not lusted after Data’s oil squirting Nikes in The Goonies, and Matt Tracker’s entire M.A.S.K arsenal buried under Boulder Hill.

Now, thanks to advances in modern science, mass production, and a little bit of money, we can all relive those fond childhood memories, and so can you too! Here’s how you can have your very own biometric door…

Step 1: Identify one old, weathered lockset

Step 2: Find a highly skilled Malaysian door specialist

Step 3: Get rid of the ugly bronze stuff

Step 4: Procure new lockset, preferably a high tech looking one (love the cheesy slogan on the box btw. Now I feel like I have my very own HAL 9000)

Step 5: Enjoy the feeling of one less key in the pocket…

In all seriousness, we got this so that we can nip down to the coffee shop or mail box without bringing our keys.

This is a Samsung SHS5230, which is one of the few models with a manual override key. I believe Yale/Gateman has one as well, but that costs about 60% more. We got ours from Interlock, a parallel importer, so the pricing was pretty competitive.