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The Longest Day

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Stuff
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Boy oh boy…did I know it would take me three days to get everything sorted out? No, but even if I did, I would have done it all the same. An aching back and numb thumbs (I literally felt like I had no fingerprints!) are nothing compared to the assurance that your flat-packed furniture has been assembled properly. As it is, IKEA furniture isn’t the most solidly built, so the very least we could do was to make sure it was put together with some TLC…

So the final tally:

1 x sofa
3 x chest of drawers
1 x dining table
1 x computer desk
1 x bed
1 x computer storage (cat’s outhouse and perch)
5m worth of pole system wardrobe

To make things more interesting, I used only an electric screwdriver (thanks for the loan Mr Wong), a three dollar hammer from NTUC and the crummy tools provided in the packaging. OK that isn’t exactly Man Vs Wild but…


Thanks to Sonny Boy. I mentioned this in passing, and there was no response on his end, so I assumed he missed my email. But he turns up from Cali with this in tow, despite his busy schedule and the legion of lady friends he has to keep happy. And now, we can tell the world (and our neighbours), how we truly feel.


And on the other end of the door, what ever pimping abode should have, a brick of that yellow stuff. This doesn’t really match anything else in the house, but it was so tacky we just had to own it.

Also delivered today, the seating for the other end of the dining table. We didn’t plan for this to match the classroom chairs but as luck would have it, they are both oak. The bench stirs up memories of the canteen tuck shop (if you’re old enough), remember noodles for 30 cents?

Candy Coloured

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Living room
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Things are moving at lightspeed now that we are in control. It’s a Saturday and we take delivery of the fridge and some of the dining chairs today.

Close up of Ultimate Mao-ri Love Warrior. I’m only test fitting it in this photo, I doubt we can have it on the fridge when the cat comes over. I have to say, the colours work really well together.

One more test fitting with the Hutt instead. I’m really digging this, but Stiletto has an aversion to lizards and he looks like a really obese legless one so…

Our classroom inspired chairs. Though I never ever had such pretty looking ones back in the day.

We’re also in full on DIY mode today. After a back breaking morning hauling my poster collection over with Le Wanker’s help, Stiletto and I waste no time in getting the frames up. While I work on the drilling and screwing, she figures out the layout.

I’ve got approximately three times more posters than wall space, so one thing we’re factoring in is poster rotation. I.e. whatever layout we go for has to be able to fit the rest of the collection…tough job indeed.

Here are the final results, with some spaces left out for missing posters:

The First Of Our Stuff

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Stuff
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Strange tree spotted along Pandan Crescent roadside…

That’s us + coat check waiting for the Transcab MPV taxi to arrive. $2.50 booking fee versus $40 delivery, it was a no brainer.

We’d seen this some time ago at XZQT Ion, and made a mental note to get it one day. Saw an ad today for a pre-CNY sale at their West Coast outlet. As luck would have it, they had a display set at 40% off.

It was light enough to carry, so we’ve brought it back home to use first.

We also made a stop at Chinatown Point to pick up Mr Cheng’s Android toy, and got ourselves something on impulse.

These are probably going to end up on the bookshelf, or window sill.