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Finishing Touches

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Main
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First thing we noticed was that the ugly wrought iron gate was finally replaced. We went with a white powder coated amplimesh gate. White matches the kitchen windows, making the facade more cohesive.

Amplimesh is rather old school these days, and not that commonly used for residences (seems only popular with neighbourhood pawn shops and goldsmiths). It’s our choice simply because it’s the most delicate looking thing which can keep the cat within the house. Yes siree Bob, we’re kiasu pet owners. We even measured her head to make sure it wouldn’t get stuck in the mesh. The new gate is aluminium, and as a result, doesn’t feel as hefty as the wrought iron one.

Acrylic kitchen countertop has been fitted. This is Samsung Staron, chosen for its colour, and not because it’s hard wearing or anything. In fact it’s so susceptible to scratches and flaws that the supplier insisted on calling us up personally to persuade us to choose another colour.

3 zone induction hob installed. Zone 1 for instant noodles, zone 2 for canned soup and zone 3 for fried egg. That’s all the action I predict it will be seeing.

Bathroom countertop is the same Samsung acrylic, but that makes sense since the laminate and ABS trimming for the bathroom cabinets are the same as in kitchen ones too.

Sink surprisingly doesn’t splash. I think it’s because it’s countersunk, so you still get some depth to the “bowl” even though it looks slim and shallow.

Swing out vanity mirror. One side has 3 x magnification, which makes my face and pores look really big. Every time I look into it I feel like I need to tone and moisturize.

Towel rack. Stiletto insisted on having one because I’m notorious for forgetting and yelling from inside the shower for fresh towels…