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The Problem And The Solution

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Kitchen
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The Problem: Ugly kitchen piping. Three things going on here. 1) White PVC drainage pipe. 2) Copper and stainless steel inlet pipes for the kitchen and bathroom water supply. 3) part of earth grounding cable which MCST does not allow us to move.

Quick flashback to the recent past to see how the previous owners dealt with these pipes. No issue here, because the ceiling was dropped really low. In our case, we’re hitting some roadblocks because we want to retain as much ceiling height as we can.

The Plan: Diagonal box-up. Here’s my rough mock up in MS Paint. Contractor has to deal with these lovely MS Paint “renderings” which I keep sending.

Before the actual box-up is installed, plumber tidies up the water supply pipe so that more of it can be hidden. Dotted red line shows the original location of the pipe.

Box-up installed and plastered over. We were really worried that this would look weird, but I think it turned out ok. A pleasant surprise.

The kitchen ceiling has also been installed. The drop was minimal, probably some five to six inches, so the kitchen area still feels nice and airy.

Another one of my masterpieces. I realized we have to add this to close up the gap under the beam. If not, our wardrobe doors will not be able to close fully.

Ming translates my drawing into reality. Sweet.

Next up, painting finally begins.