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Physics 101

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Main
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Lots of photos in this posting. Apologies in advance for the poor quality, some of them were taken with my cellphone.

Electrician was down today to work on the rewiring. Although it originally seemed like we had minimal rewiring to do, somehow we managed to move every single electrical socket, and all but one light switch. God only knows how much this is going to cost us…

Bedroom light switch. Intentionally lowered so we can turn off the lights without getting up from the bed. Not as cheesy as a sound-activated clapper switch, but just as effective.

Bathroom light switch and water heater switch, both moved round the corner to make space for the glass sliding door the bathroom is going to have. A swing door would be more cost-effective, and was the original plan, but we realized it would take up too much space as it would swing into the bathroom.

Most of the wires were concealed into the walls, but in this case, we hacked into the bedroom floor as it was the shortest, most direct path.

Electrical sockets for the TV area. Not a fan of extension cords and multi-plugs, so we asked for six sockets here.

Three single electrical sockets for the washing machine, dryer and fridge. These are spaced apart to give allowance for individual splash-proof socket covers.

Distribution box wiring moved to the far corner of the kitchen, and original slanted wall hacked away. We’re going to try and hide the new distribution box in the top kitchen cabinets.