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Up On The Wall

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Living room
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Haven’t posted in a while, been too busy with housework…

We recently framed up a few more posters, filling up a couple of empty spots which have been bugging me the last few weeks or so.

The sofa area is pretty much done.

The dining table area still needs two or three pieces to be complete. I think something landscape orientated, to counter all the vertical pieces that we’ve put up.

This batch of posters was framed at Daniel’s Frame Shop along Still Road. I hadn’t framed much since my regular framer retired, and I was a little worried because this batch had a few rare pieces, but Karen from Daniel’s Frame Shop was really professional and everything turned out really good.

For more detailed photos of my posters, click here.


Candy Coloured

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Living room
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Things are moving at lightspeed now that we are in control. It’s a Saturday and we take delivery of the fridge and some of the dining chairs today.

Close up of Ultimate Mao-ri Love Warrior. I’m only test fitting it in this photo, I doubt we can have it on the fridge when the cat comes over. I have to say, the colours work really well together.

One more test fitting with the Hutt instead. I’m really digging this, but Stiletto has an aversion to lizards and he looks like a really obese legless one so…

Our classroom inspired chairs. Though I never ever had such pretty looking ones back in the day.

We’re also in full on DIY mode today. After a back breaking morning hauling my poster collection over with Le Wanker’s help, Stiletto and I waste no time in getting the frames up. While I work on the drilling and screwing, she figures out the layout.

I’ve got approximately three times more posters than wall space, so one thing we’re factoring in is poster rotation. I.e. whatever layout we go for has to be able to fit the rest of the collection…tough job indeed.

Here are the final results, with some spaces left out for missing posters:

So what do grey cotton sheets and the evil Empire’s giant mechanical beasts have in common? Well, nothing besides the fact that we bought them both today…

Gorgeous grey cotton pillow cases in a T-shirt material. Sorry, no 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets here. We’re not so high class. Anyway I prefer the feel of grubby cotton PJs.

The general colour palette is grey and olive drab, but we’re softening it up with organic textures. We also managed to find the puffiest duvet we could find (side note: I had no idea feathers cost that much!), so that’s going to contribute to the comfy, cloud-like vibe.

And here’s the mother of all AT-ATs. IMHO all guys should have at least one, if not ten of these. I’d been eyeing this for the last 3-4 months, but held back due to the high price. Saw it by chance at OG on discount, and wasted no time in swiping one. This is going to look awesome wherever we place it. A Star Wars toy the size of a dog…how can you beat that???

Pink Is The Love You Discover

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Stuff
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We’ve been busying ourselves with shopping, since the reno progress has hit a brick wall due to CNY.

It’s finally time to buy the fridge that Stiletto’s been eyeing this past year. We got it at an unexpected discount, I guess pink fridges aren’t too much in demand.

Online reviews aren’t too great, with many people complaining of poor QC, but this is one of those instances where I haven’t been given say in the matter.

In return, I get to choose the next fridge, and maybe, just maybe, it will be a Sub Zero…

The First Of Our Stuff

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Stuff
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Strange tree spotted along Pandan Crescent roadside…

That’s us + coat check waiting for the Transcab MPV taxi to arrive. $2.50 booking fee versus $40 delivery, it was a no brainer.

We’d seen this some time ago at XZQT Ion, and made a mental note to get it one day. Saw an ad today for a pre-CNY sale at their West Coast outlet. As luck would have it, they had a display set at 40% off.

It was light enough to carry, so we’ve brought it back home to use first.

We also made a stop at Chinatown Point to pick up Mr Cheng’s Android toy, and got ourselves something on impulse.

These are probably going to end up on the bookshelf, or window sill.