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Well Hung…

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Kitchen
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Carpenters came in today to finish up the top row of kitchen cabinets, which turned out quite nicely.

Cabinets closed:

Cabinets opened:

They gave us the wrong cabinet fittings though. We asked for an “up-and-over” style hinge, but they provided a straightforward “flip up” type. The difference, as can be seen from the photo of the open cabinets, is that to reach the cabinets doors when they are wide open, one has to be really tall. I.e. I will be only one closing the cabinets in this house…

A hole has been cut into the top of the cabinets to fit the kitchen sink in as well. This is an under-the-counter sink with 90-degree corners. Probably a pain in the butt to clean, but we had to have it. Chalk up yet another win for aesthetics over practical functionality.

The stainless steel splashback (backsplash?) has been glued on. This we’re not too happy with. The metal sheet was cut by hand with a power tool, and the edges are not straight. We’ve requested that this be replaced with a proper machine cut piece.

And finally, this monstrosity. We’ve been having problems with the electrician and his alignment disability, and he didn’t fail to disappoint. Pretty much the only thing consistent about him is that he’ll install something crooked.

We’ve kicked up a fuss and the contractor has brought in another electrician to try and fix this mess. It doesn’t look like much can be done to save this, but we’re still crossing our fingers.


Not Bad For A Day’s Work

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Main
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So the carpenters managed to get everything up pretty quick. Photos here were taken about 24 hrs after those in the previous post.

Kitchen cabinets have all been installed. I think it was a right move suspending the bottom cabinets, seems to make for a more modern look. The shorter top cabinets help too, though as seen from the photo, the cost of vanity is the loss of a significant amount of storage space.

Electrical DB in its new hiding place.

Side view of the internal drawers. We don’t have a clue what is going to be stored here still.

Top view of the same. I really like how the metal drawer bits in grey echo the grey of everything else in the house. And the drawer bottom in birch is a nice contrast. Too bad that this is largely going to be obscured by the stuff we put inside.

The bookshelf. Our only storage area for books and other media, so we went full height. The internals are plywood, with a layer of gypsum board over it. This is going to be painted the same grey as the walls.

Bathroom cabinet, also suspended, but this time for practical reasons as much as aesthetic ones. It’s probably easier to wash the bathroom floor with the cabinets raised. In any case, the cabinets shouldn’t be storing anything heavier than toilet paper so it should be safe.

The full length mirror, which makes the bathroom look bigger already. Not sure if extending the mirror all the way down to the counter would have been better though.

A lot done today. Cardboard has been laid down to protect the epoxy, and the carpenters have loaded up what looks like all the pre-fabricated cabinetry. Looks like we’re in for major change this week.

The living room is packed with cabinet carcasses and blocks of shelving. We’ve been so used to the house being bare that we’re beginning to wonder if all this wood work is going to make the place feel closed in.

Vanity cabinet for the bathroom. You’ll notice two colours being used for the inside of the cabinet. If you’re wondering why, the grey bits are for areas with open shelving, so that the inside and the outside are cohesive, while the birch bits are for areas with doors, so that you get a splash of colour when you open the cabinet.

The bathroom mirror. Stiletto thinks a smaller mirror looks more modern, but our bathroom is small and a full height mirror might help in enhancing the sense of space, so we decided to go the more old fashioned route.

The bathroom sink. As can be seen from the box, a rather slim model. A lot of people warned us against this, as a shallow bowl might have a lot of splashing. We’ll soon know I guess.

The kitchen cabinet doors. Grey on the outside, birch on the inside. We were trying very hard to match the greys of the laminate and the wall paint. I think we got quite close.

Close up of the cabinet interior. This is colour PVC with a wood grain effect. I wanted to use laminate but it was either too expensive or too thick, I can’t really remember now.

The main storage cabinet that we’ll have. We went with interior drawers and an entire cabinet face which slides out with the bottom-most drawer (you can see this in the middle of the photo).

Reason? To try and keep things as clean as possible, and also because it looks the biz.

Our oven, which we bought so long ago that I’ve since forgotten what it looks like.

I put this photo up because the perve in me read “horny”, “head”, “four play” and “porno” all on the box, and I wanted to know if I was the only one who failed the Rorschach Test.

Part of our niche shelving. This looks promising. Might be a little too deep for books but it will double up nicely as storage space for our toys and display items.