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And imagine the black monolith silently standing amidst the dry rocky landscape.

Well a sideways monolith at least, but since I’m likely to be lying on the sofa when watching TV, the reference still stands.

What’s the size of the telly you might ask (all guys do that, it’s primal instinct; it’s like how ladies pass judgement on each other’s toe nails). And I would reply, it’s “as big as I could afford” size. In this case, 60 inches.

And while that’s a decent size, and the largest TV I’ve ever had, it was strangely anti-climatic because it fits perfectly and is the correct size for comfortable viewing. I wasn’t going for “correct”. I’d much rather have “huge ass” and “WTF that’s big” than “correct”, but such is life and my pockets…


Robinsons Spree

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Stuff
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One of the few idioms I still remember from four years of higher Chinese classes popped up in my head while I was struggling with the spoils from today’s shopping expedition.


It didn’t help that we had to stop for dinner at Shin Kushiya, looking like fresh off the boat refugees while the rest of the Bonzi Bunch were all decked out for a night out at Overeasy.

Still, at least we managed to settle a good bit of the kitchen stuff in one day.

Zojirushi Zutto rice cooker and hot pot. Grey and silver, matchy-matchy with the rest of the kitchen counter. Robinsons was having a sale on these and they were significantly cheaper than at Tangs or Taka (based on our experience, Robs seems to have most things cheaper).

Dish drying rack in a cute box. This is white with baby blue accents. Original plan was to get the green one with orange accents, but that sold out. Seems like fate is on our side because after placing it on the counter, it’s pretty obvious that this colour combi works better.

Bread bin and a couple of pots.

A little overkill no? Macam LV bag or something…

Had to include a photo of this, too funny. It’s pretty obvious who their target market is I guess. Well, as they say, sex sells, even for German pots. Also, was quite confused to see instructions for a pot. Erm…put pot on stove, put food in pot, cook?!?

Ok time to ‘fess up. We’re not cooks, never will be. Didn’t get the cookware because they spread heat evenly or sear meat beautifully. Got ’em because their lid handles look like Mickey Mouse and the bigger pot reminds us of the Android mascot.

Some nice detailing where the handles meet the pot.

Candy Coloured

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Living room
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Things are moving at lightspeed now that we are in control. It’s a Saturday and we take delivery of the fridge and some of the dining chairs today.

Close up of Ultimate Mao-ri Love Warrior. I’m only test fitting it in this photo, I doubt we can have it on the fridge when the cat comes over. I have to say, the colours work really well together.

One more test fitting with the Hutt instead. I’m really digging this, but Stiletto has an aversion to lizards and he looks like a really obese legless one so…

Our classroom inspired chairs. Though I never ever had such pretty looking ones back in the day.

We’re also in full on DIY mode today. After a back breaking morning hauling my poster collection over with Le Wanker’s help, Stiletto and I waste no time in getting the frames up. While I work on the drilling and screwing, she figures out the layout.

I’ve got approximately three times more posters than wall space, so one thing we’re factoring in is poster rotation. I.e. whatever layout we go for has to be able to fit the rest of the collection…tough job indeed.

Here are the final results, with some spaces left out for missing posters:

Pink Is The Love You Discover

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Stuff
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We’ve been busying ourselves with shopping, since the reno progress has hit a brick wall due to CNY.

It’s finally time to buy the fridge that Stiletto’s been eyeing this past year. We got it at an unexpected discount, I guess pink fridges aren’t too much in demand.

Online reviews aren’t too great, with many people complaining of poor QC, but this is one of those instances where I haven’t been given say in the matter.

In return, I get to choose the next fridge, and maybe, just maybe, it will be a Sub Zero…