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The Silent Observer

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Main

A.K.A watching the world go by part 2.

A.K.A spying on the enemies to the left.


The Empress’ Many Thrones

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Main
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On sick leave so got to spend the day with Judas. It’s a new environment for her, but it seems she’s already established a few favorite hang out spots.

Atop the fridge

Guarding the main door

Chilling in the closet

Sofa, which worryingly, she likes digging her claws into

The Muji down duvet is another place she disappears into for hours

By the window, watching the world go by

Moving In

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Main

About 85% moved in now, but enough is in to post photos of the furnished home.

Main entrance. Have stacked IKEA shoe cabinets to the ceiling.

View of kitchen from the living room.

View of living area from kitchen.

Dining table. $79 affair from IKEA, comes in raw pine so we slathered it in paint. We also added another yellow chair to “cap” the table, it’s mirrored by the yellow frame on the opposite end.

Bedroom. Stools for the computer desk are in.

Wardrobe with all the bits and bobs in. The right side is our utility area, where the vacuum cleaner and shopping trolley (yes, I’m 32, it’s ok for me to have one) are kept.

We’ve also moved the cat over, it took a day or two for her to get used to things, but now the top of the chest of drawers is one of her favorite perches.

Balcony with cat perch/litter cabinet. This is an IKEA under-desk cabinet modified with a set of kitchen cabinet legs.

On the right is a tiny dresser thing from Muji. It’s so small I don’t even dare to sit on the stool.

Forgot to take pics of the bathroom so here are some lo-res ones from the phone cam.

Stick A Fork In It, It’s Done

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Main

The corrugated sheet on the floor has been removed, the premises washed throughly, and the place is now ours. Contractor probably doesn’t want to see us again for the next twenty years, and the feeling is mutual, heh.

Photo credit due to Le Wanker and his trusty wide angle, they took the nicer shots in this series.

Yellow main door. The black paint makes the door colour really pop, and complements the black lockset too.

Kitchen view with the main door open.

Cooking area. We love how this looks like a toy.

Washing area. A rather uninspired choice of kitchen faucet I might add, but we weren’t mentally ready to plonk down two grand on the sexy KWC we saw at Kitchen Culture.

The living room, which looks stark grey right now. Not for long though.

Bedroom. You can see how bad the flooring is from this picture. Some of it will be covered by the wardrobe, the bed and a carpet, but lesson learnt here. If you want it smooth, it’s probably better to redo the flooring. Also, hire the epoxy flooring experts.

The wardrobe. Still a long way to go before it starts looking like one, but at least that’s within our control now.

Closer look at my plastic tree stump, which I insisted on buying. Thanks to Stiletto for not objecting, despite holding the opinion that it belongs more in a void deck senior citizens corner…

Faucet unwrapped. We decided to adjust the handles to be “x”s rather than “+”s.

And finally, the toilet roll holder. We got this from a different shop than the towel rack, but we tried to find one which matched the straight lines somewhat.

Finishing Touches

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Main
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First thing we noticed was that the ugly wrought iron gate was finally replaced. We went with a white powder coated amplimesh gate. White matches the kitchen windows, making the facade more cohesive.

Amplimesh is rather old school these days, and not that commonly used for residences (seems only popular with neighbourhood pawn shops and goldsmiths). It’s our choice simply because it’s the most delicate looking thing which can keep the cat within the house. Yes siree Bob, we’re kiasu pet owners. We even measured her head to make sure it wouldn’t get stuck in the mesh. The new gate is aluminium, and as a result, doesn’t feel as hefty as the wrought iron one.

Acrylic kitchen countertop has been fitted. This is Samsung Staron, chosen for its colour, and not because it’s hard wearing or anything. In fact it’s so susceptible to scratches and flaws that the supplier insisted on calling us up personally to persuade us to choose another colour.

3 zone induction hob installed. Zone 1 for instant noodles, zone 2 for canned soup and zone 3 for fried egg. That’s all the action I predict it will be seeing.

Bathroom countertop is the same Samsung acrylic, but that makes sense since the laminate and ABS trimming for the bathroom cabinets are the same as in kitchen ones too.

Sink surprisingly doesn’t splash. I think it’s because it’s countersunk, so you still get some depth to the “bowl” even though it looks slim and shallow.

Swing out vanity mirror. One side has 3 x magnification, which makes my face and pores look really big. Every time I look into it I feel like I need to tone and moisturize.

Towel rack. Stiletto insisted on having one because I’m notorious for forgetting and yelling from inside the shower for fresh towels…

Tying Up Loose Ends

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Main
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We’re scheduled for handover in three days time. Going by the photos, it looks like we’ll need a miracle to make that deadline. Having said that, our contractor is stepping up the pace, her sub-cons are in every day and there’s always something being done.

The house is being painted again. On the right you can see a partial installation of the Ikea Stolmen pole system, which will fill the bulk of our wardrobe space.

Balcony window sill re-plastered and re-painted, looks as good as new now.

The bookshelf has been painted the same grey paint as the walls, which helps to disguise the unevenness in the ceiling at the top right hand corner.

It’s amazing what a big difference a little bit of paint can make. Everything looks new again.

Door receiving its first coat of primer. Glad to see that the lockset has been properly masked up.

This is what I’m most pleased about. The new electrician pulled off the impossible and fixed the previous mess. We got him to shift everything to the left, and we’ll cover the hole in the stainless steel with a blank switch plate.

Not Bad For A Day’s Work

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Main
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So the carpenters managed to get everything up pretty quick. Photos here were taken about 24 hrs after those in the previous post.

Kitchen cabinets have all been installed. I think it was a right move suspending the bottom cabinets, seems to make for a more modern look. The shorter top cabinets help too, though as seen from the photo, the cost of vanity is the loss of a significant amount of storage space.

Electrical DB in its new hiding place.

Side view of the internal drawers. We don’t have a clue what is going to be stored here still.

Top view of the same. I really like how the metal drawer bits in grey echo the grey of everything else in the house. And the drawer bottom in birch is a nice contrast. Too bad that this is largely going to be obscured by the stuff we put inside.

The bookshelf. Our only storage area for books and other media, so we went full height. The internals are plywood, with a layer of gypsum board over it. This is going to be painted the same grey as the walls.

Bathroom cabinet, also suspended, but this time for practical reasons as much as aesthetic ones. It’s probably easier to wash the bathroom floor with the cabinets raised. In any case, the cabinets shouldn’t be storing anything heavier than toilet paper so it should be safe.

The full length mirror, which makes the bathroom look bigger already. Not sure if extending the mirror all the way down to the counter would have been better though.