Cue Music From 2001: A Space Odyssey

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Living room

And imagine the black monolith silently standing amidst the dry rocky landscape.

Well a sideways monolith at least, but since I’m likely to be lying on the sofa when watching TV, the reference still stands.

What’s the size of the telly you might ask (all guys do that, it’s primal instinct; it’s like how ladies pass judgement on each other’s toe nails). And I would reply, it’s “as big as I could afford” size. In this case, 60 inches.

And while that’s a decent size, and the largest TV I’ve ever had, it was strangely anti-climatic because it fits perfectly and is the correct size for comfortable viewing. I wasn’t going for “correct”. I’d much rather have “huge ass” and “WTF that’s big” than “correct”, but such is life and my pockets…


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