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And imagine the black monolith silently standing amidst the dry rocky landscape.

Well a sideways monolith at least, but since I’m likely to be lying on the sofa when watching TV, the reference still stands.

What’s the size of the telly you might ask (all guys do that, it’s primal instinct; it’s like how ladies pass judgement on each other’s toe nails). And I would reply, it’s “as big as I could afford” size. In this case, 60 inches.

And while that’s a decent size, and the largest TV I’ve ever had, it was strangely anti-climatic because it fits perfectly and is the correct size for comfortable viewing. I wasn’t going for “correct”. I’d much rather have “huge ass” and “WTF that’s big” than “correct”, but such is life and my pockets…


Kitty Playground

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Bedroom
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Mounted up a couple of cheapy IKEA shelves so the cat has a few more perches.

As usual, unplanned, but thankfully, the colour of the raw wood shelves matches the decking quite well.

Green Zone

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Bedroom

Stiletto’s been wanting a plant to block the view of the aircon compressor. We found something that doesn’t look too cheena or messy. The kind staff from Far East Flora even climbed out of the window to help us position it. Which is good, because left to my own devices, I’d have fallen three stories to certain death, or more likely, not even have fit through the window.

Well we’re no green fingers, so maybe it’s good we got a desert plant. With luck on our side, we won’t be left with three dry stumps in a white pot…

The Silent Observer

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Main

A.K.A watching the world go by part 2.

A.K.A spying on the enemies to the left.

Takes A Kit Kat To Tell The Time

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Stuff

Of late, we’ve been going to bed really late. Not so much an issue of too much to do, but rather, losing track of time due to the absolute lack of persons in the house who keep normal hours.

A clock was needed, and we knew exactly which one. Introducing our very own all classic (from 1932 after all…), all kitschy, all hypnotic, Kit-Cat Klock.

The pendulum tail sways from side to side, and the big bulbous eyes scan the room furtively 24-7.

This is traditionally a kitchen clock, so it’s apt we mounted it here.

Judas was plenty spooked initially, but has since gotten used to her new plastic playmate.

Up On The Wall

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Living room
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Haven’t posted in a while, been too busy with housework…

We recently framed up a few more posters, filling up a couple of empty spots which have been bugging me the last few weeks or so.

The sofa area is pretty much done.

The dining table area still needs two or three pieces to be complete. I think something landscape orientated, to counter all the vertical pieces that we’ve put up.

This batch of posters was framed at Daniel’s Frame Shop along Still Road. I hadn’t framed much since my regular framer retired, and I was a little worried because this batch had a few rare pieces, but Karen from Daniel’s Frame Shop was really professional and everything turned out really good.

For more detailed photos of my posters, click here.