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Ready For Round Two

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Main
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More sanding and patching. I’m not sure what kind of plaster is being used to smoothen the floor, but I’m having doubts about whether it will hold up to the abuse that flooring has to take.

Epoxy is going on tomorrow, so its another another couple of days of downtime for us.

Time for more retail therapy…


Why Folding Is Way Better Than Sliding

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Bedroom

Wasn’t expecting to see this today, but the window installers were back again to fit in the bi-fold doors.

Fully open. This (besides the aesthetic preference that Stiletto has for folding over sliding doors) is why we went with the bi-fold doors. Folded up and pushed to one side, they enable an unobstructed view of the full balcony.

Half open. The zig zag of the panels make for an interesting view.

Fully closed. The panels are impressively tall, yet due to the clear glass, aren’t too imposing.

Since every recent post has had some talk about rectification, in the spirit of things, here’s a shot of the latest (I swear of late it seems like we are doing our reno in rewind mode). The window installers took the chance to reseal the windows, hacking a whole chunk of plaster off in the process. Apparently there was some leaking going on…

Look’s like we’ll be seeing the plaster guy again soon…

Grind Baby Grind

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Main
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Contractor concedes that the floor needs reworking, so we waste no time in getting started once her workers are back from their CNY break.

Day 1 of floor rectification, it looks like someone has taken an orbital sander to the floor. The bulk of the bumps and ridges have been sanded down, and there is a layer of epoxy dust every where.

If they had prepped the floor properly the first time round, none of this would have been necessary.

Still, better late than never, and we’re going to make sure we oversee this ourselves because our contractor seems incapable of doing so.

Guess you can tell I’m still in a major POed mood…

I sure am. I walked home last night and noticed that the epoxy coated cement flooring at the void deck is smoother than in our house!

Crater-Faced (Walking On The Moon)

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Main
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Waited 11 days. Unlocked the gate. Opened the main door. Face fell.

The floor looks bad. A lot worse than in the pictures. The colour of the epoxy is right, but once it’s on, it only serves to highlight how unprepped the floor was prior to application.

Conduits cut into the floor for electrical cables can be clearly seen, and where the new cement meets the old, there is an obviously raised seam.

The kitchen flooring is the worst. Seems like the epoxy did not dry properly. There are sore-like bumps all over, and some spots don’t even seem to have adhered to the cement.

The entire kitchen, and half the living room is flat grey, while the bedroom and the rest of the house has a gloss coat. Contractor claims this was not intentional, and that the epoxy dried out this way.

Me? I don’t buy that. I think her workers knew the kitchen flooring was going to turn out bad, so they didn’t add the finishing top coat.

As painful as it is to accept even more delays after a 3 week hiatus, we’re most definitely going to have to redo the flooring. You can already see the yellow post it notes we’ve peppered the floor with, to highlight problem areas.

Stay tuned…

Pink Is The Love You Discover

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Stuff
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We’ve been busying ourselves with shopping, since the reno progress has hit a brick wall due to CNY.

It’s finally time to buy the fridge that Stiletto’s been eyeing this past year. We got it at an unexpected discount, I guess pink fridges aren’t too much in demand.

Online reviews aren’t too great, with many people complaining of poor QC, but this is one of those instances where I haven’t been given say in the matter.

In return, I get to choose the next fridge, and maybe, just maybe, it will be a Sub Zero…